WheelCam now used in Formula 1!

Published February 28, 2012

We are proud to announce that the Digital alignment system has been bought by and is in use with one of the F1 teams in Europe. It is obvious that the system is highly accurate and very quick to use, and will be a good contribution to any team for set-up of cars as well as leveling of set-up tables.

Öhlins chooses WheelCam for set up and tests on cars

Published February 28, 2012

For both the Swedish facility and the German test center in Nurburg, Öhlins have bought WheelCam systems for set-up.

The systems will be used for accurate test and evaluation of vehicle dynamics and will help to achieve full control and to log different set-ups. The WheelCam system gives the user the best accuracy in combination with high speed use.

The German team Motorsport Competence Group AG will use WheelCam for their "ROWE RACING" project with Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 cars

Published February 28, 2012

The new team, with a mix of experienced people from racing industry, chose WheelCam to achieve the best and quickest set-up of the Mercedes SLS's that they will race in the VLN Nuerburgring Nordschleife racing series 2012 as well as the 24-h race. The modern system will save valuable time in set-up both in the workshop and also at the track. As it can measure toe, camber, track width, caster and KPI it will also be a good help to check up the chassis after minor or major accidents.

Thank you for your interest in our stand at the annual Professional MotorSport World Expo of 2011!

Published November 18, 2011

The WheelCam stand was always well-attended and the visitors could watch hundreds of live demonstrations during the show. This years big news was the introduction of the WheelCam update that makes the system able to also measure both Caster and KPI. A Porsche Carrera Cup car from Xlander Racing was used in all the demonstrations at the WheelCam-stand.

We are very pleased with our week in Cologne and thank the exhibition organizers and visitors for a successful show and many nice positive contacts!

Now with Caster, KPI, Toe out on turn!

Published October 26, 2011

WheelCam now offers the possibility to besides the basic camber, toe and track width, also measure caster, king pin inclination and toe out in turn. This makes WheelCam the complete measuring system for professionals all over the world. By a short and simple measuring the WheelCam-system will show all these values instantly on the computer sceen and will update simultaneously, and automaticly, as you adjust the wheel alignment.

WheelCam nominated for prestigeous award

Published October 26, 2011

We are very proud to be among the four products nominated for annual 'Motorsport Technology of the Year'-award. This prestigeous award will be announced at the Professional MotorSport World Expo 2011 (15-17th November) in Cologne Germany. Visit the WheelCam-stand in hall number 7, stand 5106, for a live demonstration.

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2011 Award-page


Voices on WheelCam

The method of using digital cameras in connection with PC software for measuring wheel angles is new to this application, but the basic technology has been developed over many years in TruckCam AB, for use on heavy duty and light commercial vehicles. More than 1200 alignment systems based on this same digital camera technology is today used in heavy duty and light commercial vehicles’ factories and workshops all over the world, which ensures the high quality of the product. Read more on the WheelCam Digital Racing Alignment System here, and check out the movie clip here.

Some of our customers share their thoughts on the system:

Rickard Rydell and Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden, Scandinavian Touring Car Champion 2011

Touring Car Champion Rickard Rydell and the Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden team uses WheelCam.

Engineer Jonas Jarlmark on WheelCam:
"WheelCam makes a large contribution in reducing setup time for our Cruzes. With the mechanic making the adjustment and reading the display simultaneously, many tiring setup iterations are avoided and setup is now a fast and efficient process.

The accuracy and repeatability with the WheelCam system is exceptional, as an engineer, you soon start to ask for even more decimal places.

One big upside is that the system is fitted to the car without any time-consuming installation measurements. Click the cameras to the setup wheels, hang the front and rear bar on the car and within eight pushes of a button, the full measurement is done and ready to show the adjustments live."


Westend Racing team

The Finnish Westend Racing team with wide international experience of racing GT Porsches uses WheelCam for setup of their cars.

The team comments on WheelCam:
"System is so accurate that we need to understand what is the real accuracy needed in setting the car!"

"We have experienced many new things related to wheel alignments - no other system could provide such information!"

Team owner Jorma Vanhanen concludes:
"The team has no excuses anymore - there is always time to check wheel alignments and we can rely on measurements!"

Xlander Racing and Robin Rudholm, Swedish Porsche Carrera Cup Champion 2011

The winner of this years' Swedish Porsche Carrera Cup, Robin Rudholm, uses our digital set up system on his GT3.

Engineer Magnus Karlsson:
"The accurracy exceeds everything previously seen, we adjust by 1/10 of a millimetre with 100% repeatability, when taking of and remounting the equipment. 

 The WheelCam system is quickly and easily mounted to the car and ready for alignment, which is especially useful while testing. During test days, every minute saved while working in the pit is important, as it means another minute spent testing on the track.

The fact that you use the same equipment to align the set up tables as you do aligning the wheels of the car also adds to the system, as do the systems' compactness when stored."


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