Measuring and adjusting toe
The wheelcam system enables measurement of toe angles on all four wheels in one process, and simultaneous adjustment of two of the four wheels.

Measuring and adjusting camber
Mount the wheel adapter and camera sensor on the wheel and let the camera take a picture. The camber value for the wheel will show up on the computer screen, ready for adjustment if necessary.

Measuring and adjusting Castor and KPI
By using the cameras built-in inclinometers and gyroscope a very accurate value for Castor, KPI and Toe out on return is calculated. This process is done very quickly by turning the wheels to the left and to the right.

Live values
Live values will be shown on the computer screen all the time through the adjustment process to assist the mechanic in the best possible way.

Measurment reports and saving of data
After every measurement there is a possibility to print out a report sheet and/or save the measurements on the computer.