WheelCam is a digital wheel alignment system and the most accurate system available. Using camera based technology it measures camber, castor/kpi, toe angles and ride height with unequalled accuracy and repeatability. WheelCam has a robust design, compact format and low weight and is very easy to use

Digital technology
Digital cameras offer fundamental advantages compared to other existing wheel alignment systems. Cameras are highly capable as they can measure several angles with every picture.

The cameras are build for the <em>harsh </em>environment of workshops. They are small and compact with no internal moving parts. The cameras work regardless of light conditions as they operate only with infrared light from a built-in flasher. The precision and accuracy is excellent even at long distances.

All hardware is specifically developed for racecars, and wheel adapters can of course be adapted as needed. The target bars are quickly and easily mounted to the front and rear of every car.

Compact & Mobile
Because of it’s unique design, the complete system is very compact and easily brought to the track or stored in the workshop. All made for full functionality and total control in all environments and different locations.

Race & Universal use
WheelCam is designed for both quick use in the pits and for universal use for all types of cars in the workshop.
A custom made pre calibrated racing magnetic wheel adapter is made for each specific wheel type. The three legs are calibrated to ensure that the camera axle is in line with the wheel bearing.
For universal use the Spider wheel adapter is used for all wheels 13-24’’. The camera axle is adjusted with camera/computer support to set the axle in line with the bearing by doing a run-out compensation.

Set up tables
The wheelCam system has an integrated function for alignment of setup tables, using the camera sensors and wheel adapters together with a small target.
The completely computerized table alignment ensures quick and accurate table setup to be performed by only one operator in a matter of minutes.